Our Process

While every project we work on is unique, our process remains the same. Why? Because it works. Our processes ensure that you get the results you want.

  1. Receive the inquiry
  2. Study the inquiry and the Project with Full details .
  3. Coordinating with the Project Designer and Send RFI
  4. Lighting Design and Selection that suitable for the project
  5. Approach the over Seas Manufacturer and Negotiate them for the light selection , specification , budget and the lead time .
  6. Arrange the Lighting Proposal considering the Best Quality , Time budget that match Project Budget .
  7. Value Engineering for any light selection to give the same specification and to match the project .budget
  8. Submit the Lighting Design, Selection , Specification and Proposal to Client .
  9. AS soon the Proposal is approved we will arrange the following :
    1. Approval Sheet include the lighting specification
    2. The Lead time that work with the Project .
    3. Finalize the lighting finishing and materials selection to match the Design Theme .
  10. Placing the order to the Manufacturer and confirm all lighting selection.
  11. Starting the production
  12. Monitoring the Production and continues follow up
  13. Testing the Light after the production is done and completed and confirm the Quality, Specifications that request and the final Finish to be in excellent condition.
  14. Confirm the Warranty with the Manufacturer before arrange the Shipments.
  15. Follow the Packing and be sure that packing done in proper way and safe way that protected sensitive materials and have the Packing list and confirm the packing is matching the order.
  16. Coordination with the best Shipment company /Courier that will guaranty the Time line and handling of the Light fitting.
  17. Follow the Shipment company all the time during the Shipment Trip with Daily Bases.
  18. Receive the materials and check the Materials and be sure that all items are in excellent condition.
  19. Checking the Quality for each light and Lamps
  20. Arrange the delivery to Project.
  21. Coordinate with the Contractor about the light fixing to be sure the lighting was fixed in proper way.
  22. Check the light after fixing.